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Who or what is a Salafi?

By AbdurRahman - Posted on 01 March 2007

I've often wondered why so many Salafis refuse to follow the fataawa of their own shuyukh. How come they don't all buy their meat at the local supermarket? How come they don't want to hear Shaykh `Uthaymeen's fatwa recommending local moonsighting on the three days out of the year when they need it? But, the rest of the year, he's the coolest shaykh around, next to al-Albani that is. Go figure that one out.

Here's an article that really hits home. Ouch!

Who or what is a Salafi? Is his approach valid?

Slogans about "following the Qur'an and sunna" sound good in theory, but in practice it comes down to a question of scholarship, and who will sort out for the Muslim the thousands of shari'a questions that arise in his life. One eventually realizes that one has to choose between following the ijtihad of a real mujtahid, or the ijtihad of some or another "movement leader", whose qualifications may simply be a matter of reputation, something which is often made and circulated among people without a grasp of the issues.


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