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Fountain Pens: Namiki Falcon

By AbdurRahman - Posted on 07 March 2007

If you're happy with cheap ballpoint pens or never write with a pen anyway, except maybe a shopping list or the occasional check, then this post is probably not for you.

If you like the finer things of times long gone by,
if you like effortless writing,
if you enjoy calligraphy and find the act of writing with your hand therapeutic,
then this is the pen for you.

Of the three fountain pens I own, this Japanese one is not only the most expensive, but the smoothest of them all. It glides across paper like a hot knife through butter. You can literally take a cash register receipt, hold it in the palm of your hand, and write clearly on it with this pen, without any flat surface beneath the receipt, simply because a fine fountain pen like this paints a thin line of ink on the paper. You don't need the brute force required by ballpoints and you get a more distinct, uniform line as a bonus.

I bought mine with a “SF” (soft fine) point nib. It's the pen I use for special letters, or for fine work on altering teaching materials when I need to write in very small block letters. It's my favorite fountain pen.

More information on the Namiki Falcon

I purchased my Namiki Falcon at They have good prices, fast service, and let you choose your shipping method. I buy all my fountain pen supplies from them.


For some reason writing in ink makes my handwriting a tad more legible, I think it slows me down. So I’m mostly using ink pens when I do write now, but — you know me — black suffices ;-)
I used to keep logbooks like that, one for each book. but now I just shove the notes in at the end of the document I’m writing, that way they are close at hand and I can delete as I cover each thing. I do still accumulate bits of paper in the evenings and in the car, backs of receipts, all sorts, with thoughts that pop up at other times.