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Fountain Pens: Lamy Safari

By AbdurRahman - Posted on 07 March 2007

Stylish design, nice selection of bright colors to choose from, and good performance for a fountain pen in the lowest price range.

If you like writing with crude sticks, like ballpoint pens or pencils, this is probably a post that will not interest you.

If, however, you like traditional writing instruments packaged in a modern, stylish form at a low price (under $20) and available in various bright colors, then the Lamy Safari series might be for you.

Lamy is German, so unlike most American products, they have some sort of style. I wanted the functionality of a free-flowing fountain pen but something that was not pretentious, or too fine to wear in a shirt pocket to the grocery store. It needed to look nice and be cheap enough that I could break it or lose it and not be too upset.

Lamy Safari Light BLue with Red Clip and Yellow
I have both of these with FP nibs.

My first Lamy Safari

Compared to my Namiki Falcon, writing is not as smooth, but for a steel nib in a pen under $20, I don't expect it to be. The rather unique cutouts are well-positioned for my fingers. It's very lightweight, which is good. Cartridges require a little bit more force to insert than I expected. (Insert the end with the blue plug.)

I purchased the converter to be able to use bottled ink, but I found this too messy. It's not a Lamy thing, it's me and the nature of converters no matter who makes them.

At any rate, I like my Safaris and use them daily for regular work and while on the go. It's something you can take camping with you and not worry about it, unlike higher-priced fountain pens.

I purchased mine at They're fast, reliable, and have good prices.


Cool stuff - I have a Charcoal Black Safari with a 1.1-mm-wide nib. I was thinking about using bottle ink, but yeah cartridges are more convenient.