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Good Umar Lee Post

By AbdurRahman - Posted on 17 November 2007

Email From a Detractor in the City of Brotherly Love and Muslim Madness has some juicy tidbits:

I guess those brothers are on “the Haqq” and their minhaj is right; but God forbid they had a CD of Imam Zaid Shakir in their car or a voter registration card on the way to do their dirt and they would be off it, right?

Umar lists various quotes from the email written by the misguided salafi who prompted the post:

…..So you left salafeeyah(ali tamimi isnt salafeeyah they’re on takfeer) to be with a bunch of beard shaving sooofeees?

and this one:

…..Aanwar…this is the one who wears earrings and tight pants…has ashaaree aqeeda,believes the quran is created,and a soofee manhaj…hamza useless…ali jiffree who some of the scholars call a kaafir

One reader posted some interesting questions:

  • I wonder if anyone can do a survey or knows of a survey that calculates the number of Men in the Salafiya movement with college degrees coming from urban masjids?
  • How many have completed community college and have a regular job with benefits?
  • How many of their children in America finish highshool and move on to higher education?
  • How many hospitals, free clinics, homeless, or womens shelter they’ve built?
  • How many public playgrounds have they cleaned up over even donated to the neighborhood at large?

Yet another reader posted some equally good questions:

  • How many STABLE islamic schools have been established by SALAFIS in the US?
  • How many grave yards have been established by the Salafi movement in the US?
  • How many medical clinics established by Salafis in the US?
  • How many salafi relief organizations in the US?
  • Any ’salafi’ soup kitchens or food banks in the US of note?
  • What have this movement really done?

Ouch!!! That must really hurt!

Some other Salafi reader posted some typical Salafi pseudo-scholarship in a slick PDF package. My comment: how boring!


Abu Sinan wrote on
November 19, 2007 at 2:36 pm

Some good comments here. I don’t know if it is me, but does anyone else notice that when this issue comes up you can almost tell exact which “side” someone is going to be on without even reading the post?

The Salafi “supporters” here cannot put a proper sentence together for their lives. The spelling and grammar mistakes are legion, and they seem not to know what a paragraph is. In a medium where only your ideas and the form of your written word is used to judge you, you’d think these guys would at least brush up on some basic English skills.

It is always the loudest voices that are heard, and in the case of the Salafi movement here in the USA, it is the unbeducated, ignorant, mean, hypocrites that get attention. These people, far from calling to the Salaf and to Islam, make people RUN from Islam. They, through their actions, are doing to work of the devil. It is ironic that those who claim to know the deen the best are those that are, through their deeds and actions, doing so much to discredit it.

Good comment from a sister about Umar Lee's "Rise and Fall of the Salafi Da`wah in the US" series:
Shattered Says:
This was a good story that I can identify with on some levels in my former marriage. When I first met my husband, he was a “strong salafi” with a long beautiful beard, he wore thobes and was hard on others for not following the Sunnah. To make a long story short, he descended to the point where no longer has a beard, drinks alcohol, doesn’t pray or fast and I am not even sure that he is Muslim now. At best he is BARELY Muslim. At worse he is an apostate. “Salafi Burnout” is real…I have seen it and it can be devastating.
Alhamdulillah, I was one of the lucky ones because I completed my degree while we were married and I have a good job and I am able to take care of myself and our kids. I feel so sad for those sisters who were forced to stay with their husbands as they reverted to their old ways because they had no way of taking care of themselves due to lack of education or job experience. I have heard of salafi niqaabi sisters taking their clothes off and leaving abusive salafi husbands and returning to the arms of a kaafir who “knows how to treat a woman”. It is really sad.