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Beat the High Gasoline Prices

By AbdurRahman - Posted on 07 June 2008

I wonder who has been preventing these vehicles from being sold in the United States of America? Looking at this line-up, a Prius doesn't seem that special anymore. On a side note, all of these, unlike the Prius, can burn 100% bio diesel and be 100% independent of petroleum-based fuel.

Diesel Vehicles Available in the UK (and most of Europe)
Make/Model MPG
BMW 118d 62.8/49.6
Chevrolet Captiva (SUV) 32.8
Chrysler Sebring Cabriolet 41.5
Citroen C5 tourer 2.2 HDi 42.8
Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 40
Honda Accord EX 2.2i-DTEC 62.8/50.4
Nissan Qashqai 52/36
Saab 9-3 1.9 TTiD Aero SportWagon 47.1/41.5
Toyota Auris SR180 45.6
Toyota Hilux 3.0 D-4D 171 HL3 Double Cab 34
Toyota Land Cruiser 3.0 D-4D LC3 31
Toyota Yaris D-4D 62.8
VW Golf Bluemotion 62.8/42
Avergage Fuel Economy of this selection of cars, SUVs, and trucks: 46.5

The 65 mpg Ford the U.S. Can't Have

The ECOnetic will go on sale in Europe in November

David Kiley writes, "If ever there was a car made for the times, this would seem to be it: a sporty subcompact that seats five, offers a navigation system, and gets a whopping 65 miles to the gallon. Oh yes, and the car is made by Ford Motor, known widely for lumbering gas hogs."

Source: BusinessWeek - The 65 mpg Ford the U.S. Can't Have