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Where's the Mercy on the Creation?

Misericordia est vitium animi.
A Roman saying that means, translated literally,
"Compassion is an error of the soul."

Bye-bye Flickr, Hello Gallery

After being a Flickr Pro for almost a year, I started looking at alternatives when it seemed like they might be taken over by Micro$oft.

At first, bubbleshare.com seemed like the best alternative: free (unlike Flickr) and without any upload/storage limits.

Finally, however, I decided that hosting my own gallery would be best. Since,

`Id Mubarak

It's ‘Id-ul-Adha today, Friday, the 10th of Ðūl ĥijjah 1428 (December 21, 2007). On this day last year I was in Minna on Hajj.

Saudi Arabia, Home of the Ignorant

Claiming a sighting of the first crescent when it hasn't even been born yet? Give me a break! What a horrible track record!

I updated my article, Global Moonsighting, a Modern Bid‘ah to include this fatwa:

"Therefore, the answer to the question is clear. It is obligatory for you to follow the sighting of the new moon in the place where you are."
Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymeen

Where the Wahabis/Salafis & Evangelical Christians Become One

"One thing is clear concerning the Sufi movement, they are lost . . . . Let us not forget that Muslims everywhere need God!" (From a blog entry on Sufism)

Who wrote these words? A Christian or a Salafi/Wahabi Muslim?

What do these two groups (Fundamentalist Christians & Salafi/Wahabi Muslims) have in common?

  • Self-righteousness; they can never be wrong about anything
  • Persistence to the point of being rude and argumentative in nature

Good Umar Lee Post

Email From a Detractor in the City of Brotherly Love and Muslim Madness has some juicy tidbits:

I guess those brothers are on “the Haqq” and their minhaj is right; but God forbid they had a CD of Imam Zaid Shakir in their car or a voter registration card on the way to do their dirt and they would be off it, right?

Umar lists various quotes from the email written by the misguided salafi who prompted the post:


At 20:04:54 PDT this evening, we were standing in `Ishaa' prayer (2nd Rak`ah) in the Lowry Masjid when suddenly an earthquake hit us. The brief 5.6 earthquake was only about 18 miles SE of us. The whole Masjid was moving laterally as if we were on a boat in rough seas.

Need an Alternative to Microsoft Word?

Are you a struggling author who needs the power of Microsoft Word, yet you don't have the $130 to $680 necessary (prices vary widely depending on which version you choose) to buy a legal version of the Microsoft Office software?

The Poverty of Fanaticism

"The neo-Kharijite nature of Wahhabism makes it intolerant of all other forms of Islamic expression. However, because it has no coherent fiqh of its own - it rejects the orthodox madhhabs - and has only the most basic and primitively anthropomorphic aqida, it has a fluid, amoebalike tendency to produce divisions and subdivisions among those who profess it. No longer are the Islamic groups essentially united by a consistent madhhab and the Ash'ari [or Maturidi] aqida.

"Salafis are people of innovation"

"One should not listen to Salafis’ arguments, let alone respond: they are a passing annoyance in the history of Islam."

Source: SunniPath Q&A