Raising the consciousness of those who accept their fate

Hijri Months: Does Saudi Arabia follow the Sunnah, the Jews, or Microsoft?

Based on reports by qualified observers in the Arabian Peninsula and the overwhelming evidence that announcements correspond either to calculations and/or the Jewish calendar, it becomes readily apparent that something is seriously wrong!

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Global Moonsighting, a Modern Bid‘ah

Debate: Radical Islam? No such thing!

London-based attorney, Ahmad Thomson, on “Radical Islam”

Recently contacted by a representative of the Rand Corporation, (an independent organisation which produces objective studies on a number of issues, including studies on national security matters funded by and for the US military) who wanted to talk about “radical” Muslims in the UK with me, this was my response, writes Ahmad Thomson:

Inflation in a Usury-Based Western Banking System

No comments are necessary. This data is courtesy of your own democratic, free speech, faith-based, Federal Government.

The Fall of the Caliphate

The following is an excerpt from The Recovery of True Islamic Fiqh by Abdalhaqq Bewley, in which the details of the decline and final death of the Caliphate are exposed:

An Abnormal Preoccupation with Animals

I went for a Sunday afternoon drive with my family since the weather was so nice. We were driving through some neighborhoods on our way to a park when my Moroccan wife commented on all the people we had seen walking their dogs, "They [meaning the non-Muslim Americans] really do love their animals, don't they? Especially dogs!"

Hajj Packages: AirLink gets my vote

If you have spoken to anyone who has performed Hajj in the past few years, you'll know there are plenty of stories of how difficult it can be. You may hear some horror stories like:

  • Paying for quad occupancy, only to find out upon arrival at the hotel room, that it's suddenly 8 people to a room, then being told, "Brother, that's Hajj! This is normal. We're not allowed to complain, we're in Ihram."
  • Even before getting a reservation, being told, "oh, brother, you can't get a hotel suite just for you and your wife. They don't allow that in Makkah."

440,000 Americans killed, but no outrage!

How odd! Only 2,800 Americans were killed in the WTC attack on 11 September 2001, yet five and a half years later, bumper stickers, signs in store windows, murals on pick-up trucks, and other memorabilia still pay tribute to this American tragedy of all tragedies.

That was just a one time event. What about 440,000 Americans being pointlessly killed every year when it could easily be prevented? Oddly enough, this annual event is of interest only to the CDC, not the average American on the street. It's not even worthy of a bumper sticker.

IDF taking a picture of the kill

Taking a Picture of the Kill

Why do you never see anything like this on CNN? Because it doesn't promote American economic and political interests in the Middle East. This type of news generally never reaches the front desk of CNN. There is a complex political machine that ensures it never will. News about the Middle East has been highly filtered before it reaches the American public, due to: