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Fountain Pens: Lamy Safari

Stylish design, nice selection of bright colors to choose from, and good performance for a fountain pen in the lowest price range.

Fountain Pens: Namiki Falcon

If you're happy with cheap ballpoint pens or never write with a pen anyway, except maybe a shopping list or the occasional check, then this post is probably not for you.

If you like the finer things of times long gone by,
if you like effortless writing,
if you enjoy calligraphy and find the act of writing with your hand therapeutic,
then this is the pen for you.

The rise and fall of the `salafi dawah' in the US

Here's a pretty amazing ten-part essay on the history of the Salafi movement as seen by Umar Lee:

“The rise and fall of the salafi dawah in the US”

  1. The Beginning
  2. The Competition for Converts

Evolution and Christianity

Not all, but many Christians believe in evolution. Rev. Thomas J. VandeStadt, Pastor of the Congregational Church of Austin writes, "I happen to find the theory of evolution pretty darn convincing. I also read the Bible and have faith in God." (The Visitor, April 2005)

Burials: Back to the Basics

In this NPR interview with Mark Harris, author of Grave Matters, he discusses the envirnomental implications of the typical U.S. American funeral/cemetery:

Coffee Makers: The French Press, redefined by Frieling

If you like a stronger coffee than drip, but espresso is a little too strong for you, then try a French press.

Muhammad Was a Terrorist?

From reading the comments of some of the Americans who posted comments on Professor Cole's article, “Muhammad Was a Terrorist?,” it's really hard to discern who the real terrorists are, given some of the filthy language and vulgar trains of thought.

Professor Cole's article was written in response to a statement made by Jerry Falwell on CBS's Sixty Minutes: “I think Muhammad was a terrorist.”

Who or what is a Salafi?

I've often wondered why so many Salafis refuse to follow the fataawa of their own shuyukh. How come they don't all buy their meat at the local supermarket? How come they don't want to hear Shaykh `Uthaymeen's fatwa recommending local moonsighting on the three days out of the year when they need it? But, the rest of the year, he's the coolest shaykh around, next to al-Albani that is. Go figure that one out.

Here's an article that really hits home. Ouch!

Terrorism: How to Eradicate It Easily and Inexpensively

“Everyone is worried about stopping terrorism.
Well, there’s a really easy way:

Stop participating in it.”

— Noam Chomsky

Power and Terror

E-mail Signatures. Does anyone really read them?

Personally, I rarely even glance at them. As a matter of fact, my chances of ever reading a signature are inversly proportional to its number of lines.

According to Olivia Barker's story in USA Today, E-mail signatures, recipients can suffer from info overload, I'm not the only one: