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Journal of what of I did and where I'm at.

Summer of 2009 - A Time of Change

It was a notable Summer comprising many life changes:

  • My Father's Death
  • My oldest Daughter's transition from childhood to becoming a young woman
  • Changing jobs
  • Changing work location: from East Bay to Peninsula
  • Moving House

Minor Earthquakes

We felt a couple of minor earthquakes today in the city where I work, San Ramon.

`Id Mubarak

It's ‘Id-ul-Adha today, Friday, the 10th of Ðūl ĥijjah 1428 (December 21, 2007). On this day last year I was in Minna on Hajj.


At 20:04:54 PDT this evening, we were standing in `Ishaa' prayer (2nd Rak`ah) in the Lowry Masjid when suddenly an earthquake hit us. The brief 5.6 earthquake was only about 18 miles SE of us. The whole Masjid was moving laterally as if we were on a boat in rough seas.

Words of Wisdom

  • The best help is no help.
    This is especially true for tasks requiring certain expertise/skills that well-meaning friends more often than not do not possess, causing you more time spent rectifying their "help."
    (Actually the only help is from Allah the Exalted. Most other forms of "help" will eventually cost you either time, money, expectations of future reciprocating help, or at the very least, a feeling of indebtedness to the person sacrificing their time.)
  • Don't put your trust in any other human being, no matter how close you are to them,

The Mental Block when Math is Mentioned

By failing to address how mathematics works, how it speaks broadly about the world, and what it means, we hobble children’s ability to appreciate mathematics — how can they appreciate something when they never learn what it is?

Wallowing in Self-Pity

The basis for self-pity can be found in the innate human nature of wanting to place blame on others for one's own failures or poor decisions in life. How often do we find parents who lament the lack of care given them by their adult offspring?