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How can people live without this information in this day and age?

Bye-bye Flickr, Hello Gallery

After being a Flickr Pro for almost a year, I started looking at alternatives when it seemed like they might be taken over by Micro$oft.

At first, seemed like the best alternative: free (unlike Flickr) and without any upload/storage limits.

Finally, however, I decided that hosting my own gallery would be best. Since,

Need an Alternative to Microsoft Word?

Are you a struggling author who needs the power of Microsoft Word, yet you don't have the $130 to $680 necessary (prices vary widely depending on which version you choose) to buy a legal version of the Microsoft Office software?

E-mail Signatures. Does anyone really read them?

Personally, I rarely even glance at them. As a matter of fact, my chances of ever reading a signature are inversly proportional to its number of lines.

According to Olivia Barker's story in USA Today, E-mail signatures, recipients can suffer from info overload, I'm not the only one:

Get encrypted! Pull your pants up!

I guess everyone likes living in a glass house or something. I've never figured out why no one is concerned that every phone call they make and every email they send being carefully scrutinized, and sometimes recorded, by ECHELON.